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Ewe Multicultural Association of Alberta (EMAA)

For a number of years, there had been chatter amongst some of the Ewes in Alberta, and particularly Edmonton, of the necessity to establish an association to cater to the needs of the Ewes à la the Twis and the Gas.  The need for this association being conceived must complement the Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton (GFAE) rather than supplement or replace it, these individuals contended.  The attached provides more information.

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Ghana, Togo & Benin

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Ewe Multicultural Association of Alberta (EMAA) was founded in December 2003 to serve the Ewe people of the Republics of Ghana, Togo and Benin residing in Alberta, Canada.  Headquartered in Edmonton, our mission is to create and sustain a sense of community and support for Ewe families in Alberta and to impart the knowledge and understanding of our customs, values and belief to our children and future generations.

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